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Audry is a 1997 graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art. She has studied sculpture in France and Italy, and taught figure sculpture at Chicago’s historic Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art since 2006. Presently, she and her husband sold their loft of 20 years and are driving across the country with their cat in search of a warmer climate, a change of scenery and new adventures. Audry's work is included in collections throughout the United States and abroad.Accolades include winning The Ovation TV International Nude Art competition, spreads in various art magazines, as well as being a recurring panelist for The School of the Art Institute sculpture competition.

"I am primarily interested in problem solving and pushing materials to perform in unexpected ways. The narrative created by the human form can simultaneously embody beauty, ugliness, pain, passion, strength, grace, emotion, etc.

It is the cornerstone of my inspiration.  For two decades I have been sculpting and studying the human form in live model sessions, teaching figure sculpting for the last fourteen of them. A strong grasp of anatomy allows me to venture from classical sculpting to abstract and back again, depending on what the subject and theme calls for, or just how I feel that day.

Though I’ll always continue to explore new avenues, my underlying style is always present in handling of details texture and surface finishes."