SE SON ROSE, FIORIRANNO features an esteemed group of 23 local and international artists. Each artist’s work explores the relationship between art and nature through a wide range of approaches and diverse creative practices that reflect the natural world around us.

In an increasingly digital society, nature serves as a refuge and guide to better understand and navigate the world around us, especially in these uncertain times. “Se son rose, fioriranno” is an Italian phrase used to calm disquiet concerns, assuring us that “If they are roses, they will bloom.” The poetic nuance and hopeful optimism of this expression explains that matters are often out of our control. What is meant to be, will be.


Lisa Marie Barber, Lauren Brescia, Molly Blumberg, Laura Collins, Audry Cramblit, Jennifer Cronin, Jeni Emery, Lana Filippone, Gloria Han, Dana Lynn Harper, Annie Hejny, Savannah Jubic, Paul Kenneth, Alexander Korzer-Robinson, Grace Lee, Bobbi Meier, Yae Jee Min, Anna Murphy, Raul Ortiz, Dan Polyak, Emily Shopp, Mia Weiner, Jeff Zimmermann

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